About the Teacher

Ms. Linda Valley is a certified teacher with 12 years experience and the Media Center Director at Haddam-Killingworth Middle School in Killingworth Connecticut. She has a Masters degree in Library and Information Science. Ms. Valley also earned a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Computer Programming and an Associates of Science in Information Systems degree.

About Library Media Class

Library Media class supports the belief that reading, technology, and research are fundamental to a successful life of learning. Students will learn how to independently access, evaluate, and use information and technology appropriately, and safely.

Lessons will focus on, ethics, Internet safety, PowerPoint, MS Word, using our Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), note-taking, evaluating websites, book reviews, reading, avoiding plagiarism, citing sources, and through research assignments students will learn how to find, evaluate, use and present information in our global society using a variety of print and electronic resources.

Below are some of the Connecticut State content standards that an understanding of is expected by the time students leave the middle school. Each lesson plan is designed to meet multiple standards.

Grading: Class Work: 45% Homework: 10% Test: 45%

Connecticut State Content Standard 1: Definition and Identification of Information Needs: Students will define their information needs and identify effective courses of action to conduct research and solve problems.

Connecticut State Content Standard 2: Information Strategies Students will understand and demonstrate a command of information skills and strategies to locate and effectively use print, non-print and/or digital resources to solve problems.

Connecticut State Content Standard 3: Information Processing Students will apply evaluative criteria to the selection, interpretation, analysis, reorganization and synthesis of information from a variety of sources and formats.

Connecticut State Content Standard 4: Application Students will use appropriate technologies to create written, visual, oral and multimedia products to communicate ideas, information or conclusions to others.

Connecticut State Content Standard 5: Technology Use:

Connecticut State Content Standard 6: Responsible Use: Students demonstrate responsible, legal and ethical use of information resources, computers and other technologies.

Connecticut State Content Standard 7: Assessment Students will assess the effectiveness of their information and technology choices for problem-solving and communication.

School and Public Library Relationships: Essential Ingredients in Implementing Educational Reforms and Improving Student Learning