Free Baseball

by, Sue Corbett

reviewed by, John A.

A realistic fiction story

      The story Free Baseball is about an eleven year old boy who wants to find out if his father is ever coming to America from Cuba. Only Felix and his mother, but not his father had escaped from there when Felix was just a baby. When Felix wonders into the baseball team, the Miracles, dugout they mistake him for their batboy and he runs away from his mother and tries to find things out about his father.

        While being the mysterious batboy he becomes close to the team players. While with the team he accidentally gives his name not knowing that his father is a legend in baseball on the Cuban National team.

I thought this book was great because it was very realistic and was about


baseball. I recommend this book for any reader seven and up. When he thinks, “She probably won’t even miss    

me.” I thought that he was ridiculous. I think this book should get four and one half stars.