Close Encounters of a Third World KindClose Encounters Of A Third-World Kind

by: Jennifer J. Stewart.

Reviewed by: Isabella B.

A Realistic Fiction and Adventurous Book


Close Encounters Of A Third-World Kind starts out when twelve-year old Annie Ferrisís dad announces that he is going to Nepal (a third-world country) for a medical camp that is going to different countries to help people who need medical attention.


He also wants the whole family (a mom, a dad, Annie, and her younger sister, Chelsea) to go with him. Annie definitely doesnít like that idea.†† Annie is sure she is going to hate the trip, especially since they are packing water purifiers, a first aid kit, and a solar battery charger, (except for the fact that sheíll miss two months of school), until Annie meets Nirmala, a young Nepalian girl. Then everything changes.


Annie has brown hair, brown eyes, and is kind of uptight. Chelsea is blonde, annoying, and five years old. Nirmala has dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. She is only as tall as Chelsea! It sure takes a while for Annie and Chelsea to adjust to living in such a different country!

When Annie and Chelsea go to visit the rhododendron trees with Nirmala, they get lost on the way back. They meet two very interesting creatures, who happen not to like kids. One night Nirmala is sent to get help, and breaks her arm. It canít be fixed without proper surgery, though, so Annie wants to bring her home with them so she can have the proper surgery she needs. Does Annie end up liking living in Nepal? Will Annie bring Nirmala home? Why did Nirmala need to get help? Are all of them okay? WILL THERE BE A HAPPY ENDING?!?!? To get the answers, read the book!


I think the book deserves four stars, I liked it. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author was very descriptive, so you could really get an idea of the scene. However, Close Encounters Of A Third-World Kind didnít have me jumping out of my seat to see if there was a sequel because it could have been more exciting, and there were some weird words that werenít explained. I have to say I liked it, though. It should have a well-deserved place on every bookshelf.