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Gooney Bird Greene

by Lois Lowry


Reviewed by Jenna B. (D1)


†††† Gooney Bird Greene has just moved to Water tower and she is nothing like the other kids. She is different because she always dresses in unusual clothes.The first day she walked in wearing cargo pants, a tutu, and a polka dot shirt. Isnít that a little strange? Her classmates thought so. She always ďlikes to be absolutely the center of attention.Ē She starts to fit in when she tells the other children stories.Do you wonder how Gooney Bird got her name? The kids in her class did. Would you like to know how her beloved cat was consumed by a cow?


††† I really enjoyed this book and most kids will too. If youíre looking for a fun filled book, this is the one for you. Itís funny and sweet and you even learn a thing or two. If you donít read this book you wonít know how Gooney Bird came from China on a flying carpet!


†††† After you read this book, try Gooney Bird and the Room Mother!