Secret Identity (Shredderman book#1)

             By,Van Draanen

           Reviewed by Mikayla

This is about a boy named Nolan, Bubba a bully, and Mr. Green (Nolans school  teacher). Nolan is called a nerd by Bubba Bixy, the meanest bully in the school. Bubba Doesn’t call people by there real names, which gets on Nolans nerves.  Mr. Green   assigns the project of the month. What will Nolan do his project on?  Bubba?  Yes! This story involves bloody hands, but how does he get them bloody? Nolan needs to catch the big bully in action if he’s doing his project on Bubba.  Hey!  Why waste paper and just make a simple webpage.  But Nolan needs a secret identity name for the web cite. What will Nolan call it? Read this book to find out. 


I would recommend this book to ages 8 and up with an average reading level.  If you like funny books with adventure, Secret Identity, the first book in the Shredderman series is the perfect book for you.  I loved this book because every five seconds I was laughing.  Also If you like ready about bullies and a setting that takes place in school, I would recommend this book for you.  Trust me you’ll laugh.