Lenny and Melís Summer Vacation

By Erik p. Kraft


Reviewed by Sal E. (D1)



Lenny and Melís Summer Vacation was a funny book.The brothers had a lot of adventures.This was an exciting book to read. One funny part was in the beginning when Lenny and Melís father came into the living room to talk with them.Mel said arenít you late for work and his father ran out the door and forgot his lunch and his wife came rushing after him.Another part I like is when it was hot outside and Lenny and Mel go inside bags and then filled the bags with cold water to cool themselves off!Another favorite part of mine is when Lenny and Mel put ketchup and tooth paste on turkey slices.It was disgusting and they threw turkey rolls on the trees.Lenny and Mel hoped that the trees didnít turn into turkey trees. Lenny and Mel continued to have more fun and adventures through out the book.