Free Baseball


Sue Corbett

Reviewed by: Jake G.


          Free Baseball by Sue Corbett is a thrilling story of a Cuban boy and his hunt for answers about his father who plays baseball in Cuba.  Felix wins a radio contest to go to a minor league baseball team’s season opener.  After the game, Felix manages to sneak into the opposing team’s locker room where the players and coaches mistake him for their bat boy.  Realizing that he could fool the team, Felix plays along.  He rides in the bag compartment of the team’s bus to their stadium deserting his mother at home leaving her clueless and scared.

        Working for the team, Felix becomes great friends with the team’s co-owner and the mascot of the team, a golden retriever who is smarter than a lot of people.  He becomes attached to the team’s best hitter who played with Felix’s father in the Dominican Republic.  Felix believes the player could be the answer to his father’s mysteries.

        The player replies to Felix’s questions about his father, but his answers change a lot in Felix’s life.  Can Felix endure the truth to his family’s past?

        With Felix aware of the real truth of his family, life becomes different.  This story is a captivating story of Felix and his family and their retreat to a better life.  Free Baseball is an adventurous, touching novel that will have you begging for “extra innings”!