Text Box:   The Black Brothers

By Lisa Tentzer


Reviewed By Tess G. (D1)




Giorgio is a boy of age 13.  He and his family are poor, and Giorgio must help them by working with his mother.  They are living in a small village called Sonogo, when one day a stranger who will change Giorgios life strides into the town.  A year later, Giorgio makes a long foot journey to a city called Milan.  He meets a friend along the road.  Later on he becomes a chimneysweep, and more troubles arrive.  There are many adventures of Giorgio in this book.


            I think this book with pictures was a bit confusing in some ways, but otherwise it wasn’t bad at all!  This book is an adventurous tale, and it is also touching.  6th or maybe even 7th graders would enjoy this book.  5th graders could read it too, but I should probably mention that they did say the D swear word a couple times, but other than that, it was pretty appropriate.  I think this book was a well told story.