Secret Identity (Shredderman book #1)

by: Wendelin Van Draanen

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Do you like bullies? I bet not. But if you are a bully prepare to be shredded because here comes Shredderman! Nolan is what you call a nerd. He is an A+, math wiz, computer oíholic, and a student who has a problem, its name, Bubba Bixby. Bubba is a bully. He calls people names, steals stuff, and worst of all he beats people up! Nolanís dad thinks Bubba was born with teeth and ready to bite. Nolan thinks something needs to be done. What starts Nolan to do something is Mr. Greenís monthly project but for the first time Nolan can use his computer! Nolan thinks Awesome I can use my computer for this project! But what will I research?


I know I will do a project on Bubba. But what will I do, I canít interview him he will pound me. I have an idea what if I make a website all about Bubba. But I need a secret identity so he wonít beat me upÖ To find out more read this book! I suggest this book from early readers to oldest readers.