Click for more information on this titleSTEALING HOME

By: Matt Christopher

Reviewed by: Jacob L.


 Joey Gallagher is a 12 year old kid who becomes a hero for his baseball team after he plays his best game ever. Then his parents tell him that a kid from Nicaragua is going to stay at his house for a year. The strangers name is Jesus. Joey wonders what this stranger might be like. As Jesus moves into Joey’s house and gets all the older brother’s stuff including his room, Joey gets concerned.


But as they learn about each other they sort of become friends because they have a lot in common, especially baseball. Joey buys Jesus a leather mitt and Jesus is very grateful. Joey gets Jesus on his baseball team but soon learns that Jesus is a better player than Joey.  And, as Joey’s friends get to know Jesus, they start to like Jesus more than Joey.  Now Joey is getting really frustrated.


The championship baseball game is coming up. Will Joey play the game at his best or will he try to embarrass Jesus and lose the game when Jesus is pitching? Will Joey and Jesus become friends or enemies? Will Jesus steal Joey’s home and all his friends?


I’d enjoyed reading this book because it is suspenseful and easy to understand. I would recommend this book because it’s about baseball and because Matt Christopher is a great writer.