Dizzy Authur 

by Cathy Cassidy


Reviewed by Kayla M. (D1)

Imagine that you are 12 with out a mother. Well that Dizzy the main character of this story. She has one parent which is her dad Pete. She has not seen her mother since she was 4 years old. It was one special day for dizzy so after she got home from the excitement from her friends she was hoping she would get a postcard or a doll our something really cool from a really nice person. So when she got home one day there was a person sitting on her couch that did not look familiar to her Dizzy. After that she went with that person to a camp far away from her day. With that person she meets a lot of people and some one that she likes.

            If you want to find what happened that was really interesting. Then you should read the book Dizz by Cathey Cassidy. You should this book because I found it very interesting from begining to end.