Close Encounters of a Third-World Kind

by: Stewart, Jennifer J.

Reviewed by: Halie S.



The book I read was Close Encounters of a Third-World Kind. The Genre is Realistic Fiction. This book took place in a small village/town in Nepal. The main character is Annie who is in Nepal for 2 months for her dadís medical mission. But no one asked her what she thought about it. While Annie is there she meets a town girl named Nirmala who might change a lot of Annieís thoughts about Nepal.Annie is a kind girl. When she heard that they were going on a medical trip for those 2 months she was not very happy. She didnít want to leave to go to Nepal.


†††† I thought that this book was heartwarming and interesting. It was heart warming because Annieís dad was taking care of all those sick people that where hurt. He really cared about them. I can also relate to that because when ever I see someone that gets hurt I always wish I could help them. This book was interesting to me because there was more then just one thing that was going on. For example they would talk about what her dad was doing and what she may be doing at different times. I would most likely recommend this book for 5th-6th graders because although there are some hard words,


the book is a good level and will probably interest 5th graders the most. If you want to find out more youíll have to read the book!!