Free Baseball

By: Sue Corbett

Reviewed By: Zach W.

The book I read is called Free Baseball, by Sue Corbett. The genre for my book is adventure. This book took place in Florida. The main characters are Felix, Felix’s Mother, and the baseball team called The Miracle. Felix and his mom are from Cuba but they got to America on a boat with many other people trying to get into America to get away from Cuba. But Felix’s father stayed in Cuba instead of going to America with his family. Felix was very small at that time, so he didn’t remember what happened that night.

        In the story Felix asks his mom to go to a baseball game with him because he won two free tickets right behind the plate to an Egrets game against The Miracle, but his mom couldn’t go. He asked some of his friends if they could go with him but none of them said yes. He had to go with his babysitter that he didn’t like at all. At the end of the game the Miracle was celebrating their victory and you could run around the bases. Felix did, but at third he stopped and went into the Miracle locker room. Since he was wearing an Egrets jersey the players thought he was their batboy! He hid on the bus and went back with them to their home town. They found out where he lived and called his mom. Everyone begged her to let Felix stay with the


team as their batboy, but you will have to read the story to find out what happens.


        I thought this story was magnificent and amazing. I would definitely suggest other people to read this book. I like this book because of its thrilling adventure. I think that this book was wonderful to read. It made me want to sit and read for hours until I finish it. I would definitely read this book again.