My 13th Season


By: Kristi Roberts

Reviewed by: Julia B.

My 13th Season is a story about a girl named Fran Cullers. Her mother died so her dad is acting different. With her mother gone Fran and her dad move to South Highwater to live with Franís aunt Beth. Fran loves baseball, but the only team that will take her is the Highwater Hardwares. Fran starts to make the team look bad by missing balls and doing other stupid things because they make fun of her. One day at practice you wonít believe what Franís coach did! Fran was almost killed. After that she decided to quit baseball. Her friends convinced her to play one last game. What she didnít know was there was going to be a special guest. Fran realized that she never could give up baseball.

My 13th Season was one of my favorite books ever! It is so exciting, and it kept me on the edge of my seat. It may startle some, but to me itís just more suspense! I couldnít put the book down. I recommend this book to grades 5 to 7.


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