The Homework MachineThe Homework Machine

By Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Eric C.



     The Homework Machine is a great book. 


     It’s about four kids and one of them creates a working homework machine!  The teacher did not get suspicious… yet.

     The four kids who gave it a code name were Brenton, Sam, Judy, and Kelsey.  They nick named the homework machine Belch. Brenton is the geek who made the homework machine.  He gets himself into a big mess.  He never does his homework because the machines dose it fore him.  Now all the d-squad (group they all sit in) knows about Belch and they all want in.  Sam is a class clown and thinks he is so cool. His dad is in the military and Sam brought his dad to work on Bring your parent to school day.  Sam’s dad brought in a real gun (not loaded of course).  Judy is stuck up.  Judy can’t control her emotions.  She was just a “goody two shoes” who almost told about Belch. Kelsey was a loser and the slacker who thinks it’s good to copy Brenton’s answers.

            The d-squad is made up of kids who normally would not hang out together because they are all completely different.  That why the bully named Ronnie is always suspicious of them. 

            Mrs. Rasmussen is there 5th grade teacher and is often wondering how Brenton went from geek to dude.