The Discovery (Dive series bk #1)

By: Gorden Korman

Reviewed by: Michael F.

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The Discovery is a story about a boy named Kaz.  Kaz was a hockey star who took off the summer to go to a summer diving program with experienced divers where they all swam together. The first dive Kaz ever took crises struck when he ran into a reef shark! Says one of the experienced diver named Star that it is a harmless animal in the sea, but Kaz did not know that so in shock he took out his dive knives and killed it not knowing it was harmless. During one of the dives  kaz finds a anchor so he takes a chip of it too remember it, but when he shows it to a director he clams it  not to  be important but oddly asks to have it. If you want to find out what happens to Kaz and his coin off the anchor read this book!


I recommend this book for 5th grade to 8th grade. This book kept me thinking and getting me to put the clues together like a puzzle.