The million dollar strike

By: Dan Gut man

                    Reviewed by: Kelsie O.


     The million dollar strike is about these two boys who are really good friends and like to help each other out if they have a problem. When they heard their bowling ally was getting torn down, they got really mad because they loved that place so much and it was almost like their second home. They also liked it there because they got their feeling out by always playing a game, also anger!! Before the two boys said good bye to the bowling ally, they went there one night and saw that all the lights were off, so they went around the whole ally to find the light switch.


     After they found the light switch, they saw that only one of the lanes was open. They got scared. After a few minutes they heard a noise in the back of the ally, so they went back their and they looked  though a window and they saw a man that looked really scary to them. When the man saw them, he got up from what he was doing and the boys ran as fast as they could.