Click for more information on this titleChasing The Falconers (book 1 of On The Run Series)

By: Gordon Korman


Reviewed By: Alyssa A.



Chasing the Falconers is the first book of the On The Run series. 14 year-old Aiden and 12 year-old Meg Falconer are at Sunnydale Farm because their parents are in jail. Sunnydale Farm is not really a farm, itís a jail, but it does have some animals. You will never believe how they finally escaped. They escaped Sunnydale, and decide to try and prove their parents innocence. On their way they meet 15 year-old Miguel.The three of them have to get to Vermont where Aiden and Megís parents are, before the cops find them.


I like this book because it has a lot of adventure.I liked this book so much I did not want to put it down.I canít wait to read the second book The Fugitive Factor. †††††