The Series of Unfortunate Events, The Bad beginning

By: Lemony Sniket

reviewed by: Carly C.




            The 3 Baudelaire children-14 year old Violet, 12 year old Klaus, and sunny, the little baby- found out one day when they were walking on the beach that there house had burned down and there parents had died in the fire. The children were miserable. Sunny didn’t really know what was going on but she new something bad happened. The “orphans” had to live with Mr. Poe who lives at the bank. The children will live with there parents friend until Mr. Poe can find there closes living relative to them.

            The 3 children relatives Mr. Poe had researched is “Count Olaf”. When they went to visit there new guardian, Count Olaf, he was a tall and thin man, and he dressed in an old gray suit with stains on it. Count Olaf had a tattoo of an eye on his ankle and on his door in the front of his house is a picture of an eye too. Count Olaf also has a house that tilts on one side and inside its gross and spider webbed and, the walls are splattered with dark gray paint!

            Every morning Count Olaf gives them a list of horrible chores for the children to do, like making dinner for his acting group, or clean the soot from the chimney!

             One day Count Olaf tells the children about his acting club and how he wants the children to feel more at home with him. He tells Violet that he wants her to be the woman he marries. So Klaus finds out that Count Olaf is really going to marry Violet and he is pretending it’s an act and he is going to marry her and then kill her and her siblings and then he will automatically get their rich fortune!

             I think this book was really good for students my age. It had information about cooking and other chores and how to do them. I liked this book because there were so many different problems and situations through-out the book. This book also had some big words in it that I learned. This is now one of my favorite books.