by Jerry Spinelli

reviewed by Nora D.


††††††† 9 year old David has a hard life. His mother died and his father works all the time in a different state. He lives with his grandmother. She wants him to make some friends, but he wants to be left alone. Then he goes to the Easter egg hunt, where he wanders off into the woods and finds 13 year old Primrose hiding under a pile of leaves pretending she is dead with a giant egg on top of her.

This is because she decided to get some breakfast but was too old for the Easter egg hunt. They go on many adventures, but are fighting all the time. Primrose picks up David every night but Davidís grandmother doesnít know. Refrigerator John is their friend and helps them a lot. Still they are always fighting. Their adventures are pretty strange. Will one of their trips lead them to danger?

I liked this book a lot. It kept me on the edge of my seat. It was funny and amusing. One part I liked was the tag sale, it was hilarious. If you want to know more about this book youíll have to go read it yourself!