The City of Ember

By, Jeanne Duprau

Reviewed by, Juliette Homicki


The city of ember is a fascinating book with characters Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow living in the city of ember. When the lights of ember witch keep every thing in order start to flicker and seven minute black outs start. The city starts to panic and deteriorate Doon and Lina are put in a sticky situation, should they stay in ember or leave... forever! This book is one of four the four are:

#1 The city of ember

#2 The People of sparks

#3 The Prophet of Yonwood

#4 The Diamond of Dark Hold

The book the Diamond of Dark hold is expected to come out August 26, 2008.both Lina and Doon are twelve years old. When Lina finds a letter left by the Builders of Ember Doon and Linas curiosity send the adventuring to another world one where there is a gigantic light in the sky and undergrowth is green. What they donít know is that the city of ember is an old refuges city. This all happens in the year 241. Also the darkness around them is called the unknown regions.


The Reviewers point of view.

The City of ember was one of my favorite books the description is amazing and the detail is so realistic I now somewhat believe in the city of ember. These two people are also accompanied by linas little sister Poppy of whom is adoring. I liked this book so much I encourage many people to read it. I recommend this book for grades 5 and up.