The Abduction

(Kidnapped series book 1)

By Gordon Korman


Reviewed by Rachel K.


Click for more information on this titleThis is a book about Meg Falconer who was kidnapped and her kidnappers are holding her hostage for ransom. On the other hand her brother Aiden Falconer , has to find his sister and bring the ransom money to the kidnappers. The only way Aiden can find his lost sister is to find the clues that only Aiden could understand. What would be the worst trying to find your only sister, carrying ransom money, or giving up the ransom money to kidnappers? The characters are the F.B.I. and Louise and John Falconer (Aiden and Meg’s parents.) Meg and her brother Aiden. This story takes place in the back seat of a van; the basement of an abandoned factory; the falconer home; and on the streets looking for the kidnappers and handing over the ransom money. The situation is the Meg Falconer has been kidnapped and the only way to get Meg back is to pay the ransom bill. You need to grab the book and start reading!!



This book rocks!!!! I enjoyed this book because the suspense was killing me! I just couldn’t put the book down. This would be recommended for any one who loves to read and loves suspense. I think this awesome book should be number one on everyone’s list! When the book ended I was mad because I was so into it and I needed to know what happened to Meg and Aiden. I am now going to enjoy the author Gordon Korman second book in the Kidnapped series and his other fantastic books of suspense. Read this book and you will be hooked on it!