Click for more information on this titleThe Kazillion Wish

By Nick Place


Reviewed by Taylor M.


Ainsley and Harlan are on an adventure. A dangerous, disturbing, exciting once in a lifetime chance for Harlan and Ainsley to have the perfect step mom, so they can cheer up there cheerless dad. Harlan and Ainsley bump into a wish achieving frongle (never get confused with a fairy). Harlan and Ainsley discover their wish can come true if they can solve the mythical puzzle. With help from a colorful creature who comes from over a rainbow. This little bow can be a guide to Harlan and Ainsley through out there journey.  All the sudden two purple Martian twins take a crash landing from outer space to this magical land. Will Harlan and Ainsley’s wish come true? Read this book to find out.


This book was very suspenseful and left me sitting on the edge of my seat. These funky creatures can put a smile on your face any day. And there are some neat things about this crazy book. I hope you will read Kazillion Wish and enjoy it. If you like mysteries, fantasy’s, fiction and juvenile books then you will love this one.