Public Enemies

(On the Run series book #5)

By Gordon Korman


Reviewed by Joey P.


Aiden and Meg Falconer ditched Harrisís car, stole a horse and a rode it until they found Harley. They rode into Denver to find Horus Global groupís old headquarters. They found a list of employees and checked in a local library and checked if anyone was out of jail one was desisted but her daughter knew a janitor how helped by showing them pictures. Then a murderer they named Hairless Joe tried to kill the falconers and Meg stole the killers gun and almost shot him when Aiden noticed that it was uncle Frank and stopped Meg. Then they ran, just like Frank, from the cops.



I think this book is great for adults and children. Everyone who loves action should read this book! This book has made me feel like I was dropped in the middle of the book and watched the Falconers run. It was almost impossible to put down this book!