just another day in my insanely real life : a novel

By Barbara Dee


Reviewed by Robin B


Just another day in my insanely real life is a novel about a girl named Cassandra Baldwin [Cassie].She has a teenaged sister named Maranda, and a little brother named Jackson [Jackie].They used to have a big house but now that her Dad “moved out of the picture”, Cassie, her Mom, sister, and brother, all have to live in a “unit” in Shady Woods condo development. With her Mom out working full time now and her sister at her best friend’s house she is stuck at home taking care of Jackie. She feels so busy with everybody-else’s problems that she has no time to work on her journal. When she gets grounded for lying and “trying to protect every one”, she gets mad and stressed out. You won’t believe what happens to put things in better shape.


I enjoyed this exiting novel and feel that any girl can relate to Cassie’s problems. I recommend this book to any girls.