Black Storm Coming

By Wilson, Diane L.

Reviewed by Owen Serbent


The main character in this book is part black12 year old Colton Wescot.

The setting in this book is a California bound wagon and a pony express root.

There are a lot of problem, the main one being that his ma is sick and there

paw left after he shot Colton so they donít have any money to pay the doctor.

The solution to this problem is for Colton to join the pony express. The only

problem is that Colton is too young and there is a rider with more

experience who wants the job . That wonít stop Colton. No matter what the

Trail is like , even if Colton has to steal the mail. Colton is going!

To be honest at first I thought this book stunk mainly because the first

sentence was just to sad.Later as the book went on I could not put it down

because no matter what sentence I was on there was always a sense of

urgency which is deferent from most books about this subject all in all this

is a must read for book lovers!