Chasing the Falconers

(On the Run series book #1)

By Gordon Korman


Reviewed by Julie F.


†††† Aiden and Megís mom and dad are in jail for something they didnít do. The kids are forced to work on a farm with a bunch of juvenile delinquents. Aiden and Meg never did any thing wrong and now there with kids who steal, cheat, and lie. Aiden accidentally sets the farm on fire! Will Aiden and Meg be able to escape? Will they ever be able to prove their parents are innocent? Will others help them, or try and catch them so that they are returned to the farm to face punishment? Read this book to find out, you wonít regret it!


†††† I like this book because it was cool and was fun to read. My favorite part was when Aiden set the farm on fire. I hope you enjoy as much as I did! Enjoy!