Survival (Book #2 of the Island series)

By Gordon Korman


Reviewed by Louis F.


Click for more information on this titleDo you want to see a story about children on a deserted tropical island with only bananas and coconuts for food? If you said yes, maybe this is the story for you.

Luke, Charla, Will, and Lyssa just got on a boat trip for CNC, (charting a new course).  CNC is a place for kids who are rude and always getting in trouble at school. Kids from CNC were on a ship that explodes and now their shipwrecked on a deserted island. Radford, otherwise known as Rat Face, finds himself in charge when the captain of the ship drowns during the wreck. But Rat Face hates kids, especially these and not only abandons them, but when he arrives back home he tells everyone that they all died. How will they survive? Who will rescue them if no one knows about the island and every one thinks they are dead?


This is a mind blowing book that is hard to put down after you begin the journey. This is one of the best book’s that I have ever read and I hope it becomes that for you as well.