The report card

By Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Adrianna A.




Click for more information on this titleNora Rowley is a genius, but since she was little she has hidden that she was smart because she never wanted the teachers to stare at her and think that she was such a genius. Nora has been doing this nonsense since she was in kindergarten. When she finds out that her best friend Stephan thinks that he is stupid Nora makes sure that she dose more badly in her grades.


What will Nora’s teacher do if they find out? Will Nora have to go to a different school or will the people in town hate her for a plan she is concocted that affects the towns children?



                                  This book was amazing!!!!!! I know anyone who reads this book will love it because it has great detail and the ending is so nice! When I started to read this book I fell in love with it!!  

                                                                 Ps. Read this book!!!! : ]