MVP* : *Magellan Voyage Project

By Douglas Evans

Reviewed by Griffin Y.                                         




MVP starts when Adam is approached by a man named Prince Oh. Prince Oh tells Adam about the Great Global Game. Prince Oh tells Adam that the game is to get around the world in 40 days. Adam says okay and Prince Oh gives Adam a GPS, a blue cell phone, 2 passports, and an ATM card. Then Adam travels to his first destination which is Chicago. On a train to his second destination, Adam meets up with a girl named Meredith. After talking with Meredith, Adam finds out that he is competing against other kids around the world including Meredith. Even though they’re on different teams, Meredith and Adam team up. They call there team the PFVP. Not long after Adam and Meredith get caught in a detention center. Rather than waiting seventy-two hours to be let out, Adam plans to escape. After, he tells Meredith and she agrees they run trough a sun flower field until they get to a road. They walk to a station to get to their next destination. Prince Oh meets with Adam and gives him another GPS, cell phone, 2 pass ports, and an ATM card. Prince Oh says he will send trackers to get Meredith. Not long after Meredith and Adam see trackers. Adam thinks Meredith turned on him so he goes to catch a boat. Once he gets to his room, someone nocks on the door. It was Meredith and she was crying. She said she didn’t know about the trackers. Adam let her in and bought her a ticket. Not long after Meredith gets shot with a sleep dart an old man takes Adam and Meredith to his house. After Meredith wakes up the old man takes them on a boat to Russia. Then they get on a train. Not long after they get on the train Meredith goes her own way. Adam is caught by a tracker but he doesn’t escape the detention center. Adam gets on another boat to North America. There he meets a lady that takes him to his finish place. On the way he gets stopped by stoppers. Read the book to see if Adam wins!


I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. This was the best book I read. MVP was so interesting. It was very suspenseful. Also, this book had me laughing at parts. I love this book so much and I highly recommend it.