MVP Magellan Voyage Project

By, Evans, Douglas

Reviewed by Mackenzie P.


     MVP starts off with a boy named Adam being approached by a man named Prince Oh.  Prince Oh would like Adam to join in a race around the world that lasts 40 days.  Adam decides to join him in the race around the world.  The MVP team gives Adam a credit-card with no spending limit, an ATM card (Adam can get out $300 at a time), a cell phone that works anywhere in the world, and a GPS unit. Read the book to find out if Adam won or not!!

    I think this book is a great book for all ages!! Sometimes it had me laughing and sometimes it was suspenseful!!  This is my favorite book ever!!!  It took place all around the world, so you get to learn about all the different laws and customs they have there.  I loved this book very much!!!!