Double Fudge

By Judy Blume

Revewed by Kaela Schumann


Fudge a four year old kid gets crazy about money asking people how much money they have and what they spend it on. He also makes his own fudge bucks. Fudge is so interested in money that if he only gets one pair of shoes he gets in a fit. Peter Fudges older brother finds out that his best friend is moving out of the hotel they live at and in toa loft. Fudge and his family go to Washington D.C and since fudge is so interested in money him and his family go to a factory where they make money and they meet there long lost cousins and they sleep over and the smallest cousin let out fudges bird and it smashed into the window and broke his wing but he came back from the vet okay.†††††† ††††††††† YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!


This is a really good book so if you have a chance read it itís a really good book. ††††††