Black beauty the graphic novel report JJJJJJ

Written by Anna Sewell & read by Madeline G.


The book I read was black beauty. It is a story about a horse and his life. What is different about this book is it about a horse telling about his life from his childhood to his final days at his perspective. it takes place in the 1800 in a field black beauty dose not stay any were permanently but on his journey he meets Ginger a ginger colored horse with an attitude but eventually he gets sold to another person they meet several times till they one last time on a garbage wagon but who is the dead one black beauty or ginger? Read the book you’re self to find out. Black beauty is a great book for horse lovers like me! It will warm the hearts of every one.

Something that I like to do is follow along with a tape they have it at the Killingworth library so you could check out the book here and tape there! I would recommend the movie too. Go check out the book your self!

J     Happy reading J


                                                                                               ~Madeline G.