The Homework Machine

by Dan Gutman

                                            Reviewed by Lizzy D.


The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman was a very entertaining book about 4 main characters; Judy a very smart girl, Sam and Kelsie who are both slackers and Brenton who invents the homework machine. These four children who are often called “The D Squad” at the Grand Canyon School start using a machine that Brenton invented. This machine can do there homework for them by searching the internet and finding the best information possible about the topic. The homework comes out of the machine written in their exact handwriting and with all the correct answers. The D squad runs into some trouble and finds out somones spying on them, so Brenton tries to                                  


shutdown the machine but finds out its impossible to shut off. The four of them do something, not every kid could do with a catapult that Brenton built.


 I thought this story was very good because it had good detail and lots of surprising things happened. Every student probably wishes they had a Homework machine. I would recommend this book for kids who don’t like homework I especially liked the part when they make the whole school wear red socks by posting an article on the internet. This is a really good book I think that every student should read it.