Uranus and Neptune: Worlds Beyond

by: Ron Miller

Reviewed by Amanda R. (H1)


This book literally stuck out of the bookshelf! It shows realistic pictures of both planets and some of their moons, and the person who found the planet Uranus. There is a photo of Uranus that was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope I don’t know when. It shows it’s rings, (in the photo they look pink) it is pointing towards the sun, and it has a number of colors on it, but it is a turquoise color.




       My opinion on this book will not be the same as yours, (of course) but if you would like to learn about astronomy, read this. Uranus, it is a planet that spins on its side, and that’s why I like this book by all the stuff it taught me about a whole lot of stuff. I really like the way it is worded very scientific like this: “ A planet spins on its axis (plural axes), an imaginary line that runs from pole to pole, just like as the wheels of a car spin on the axle that connects them.” Of all of the books that I have read to grade them, on a scale from 1-10, I would give it an 8.Ron Miller really did a good job on this book, so…

If you decide to read it, go pick it up and check it out!