The Meanest Hound Around

By: Carol Wallace and Bill Wallace

              Reviewed by: Teresa T.


The Meanest Hound Around is about a good, white fluffy dog named Freddie. Freddie is a well trained dog with good manners that had a boy who loved and played with him. One day when the boy went to school, the boy’s dad took Freddie for a long car ride. The dad let Freddie out to run, but when Freddie came back the dad was gone. Freddie waited a long time but finally he knew he had got dumped and the dad wasn’t coming back. Freddie was walking and he found a junkyard. A dog popped out and it scared him. Freddie broke open the big gate and he let the other dog out. His name was Spike. He had two owners so he had two names the one that the junkyard named him was Spike and the other one was April, but he likes to be called Spike. Freddie and Spike started to wander off.     

       I think this book was one of the best books I have ever read.  I couldn’t put the book down.  To see what happens next to these two dogs you will have to read the book.