Meet the Gecko

(SHREDDERMAN series bk #3)

By: Wendelin Van Draanen


Revived by: Cade W.


Meet the Gecko was just one of the most hilarious books I have ever read!! Three amazing main characters are in this book, each with their own purpose.  Joel Bowl, A.K.A The Mole, is the main humor source of this book. He is also the problem. A crook, liar, and snitch. “The Mole” is someone to watch out for if you read this book!  Chase: plays the Gecko in Nolan’s favorite show “The Gecko and Sticky”. Chase is just one of the not-tied Mole. Nolan helps Chase… BUT


You find out when you read the book!  Nolan: Chase’s biggest fan! Also the one who fixed the Mole problem, SHREDDERMAN!!!  Read the first book in the Shredderman series, Secret Identity, and the second titled Attack of the Tagger,  THEN read this book, MEET THE GECKO!