Click for more information on this titleMy Brother the Dog

By Kim Williams-Justesen


Reviewed by Georgia B


Mattie is a 14-year-old girl with a best friend named Livvy. Mattie has a little brother named Donny and Livvy’s brother’s name is Nate. Donny thinks he’s a dog. He licks people awake and eats from a dog bowl. Most parents would be worried about their children if they were acting like a dog, but not Mattie’s parents. They try to get all of his weird doggie moments on video. Bad luck for Mattie. She’s had to watch her strange brother practically every day of the summer. Now she has to bring Donny to her friend’s house and public places! It’s kind of hard to get your friend’s brother to notice you while dragging around the human dog. What will happen when Donny gets lost at Livvy’s house or when Donny ends up with some weird sickness? Will Nate ever notice that Mattie even breathes air? Find out in My Brother the Dog.



I thought this book was pretty good. I didn’t really love it though because it was kind of romantic. It was also funny though; especially when the author describes Donny acting like a dog. If you like romantic comedies you should read My Brother the Dog. I’d recommend this book for middle school grades 5th-7th.