Click for more information on this titleThe Darkest Hour (Book 6 Warriors series)

By Erin Hunter


Reviewed by Kristen C.



A new enemy rises as Tigerstar’s hunger for power climbs untill he and anyone around him are in danger.  For Fireheart(star) to win and save the four clans, he must break the prophecy sent by Starclan:


“Four will become two

                  Lion and Tiger will meet in battle

              and blood will rule the forest.”


Many deaths happen but victory will rule for the good in fearsome battles. Bloodclan wants to rule the forest but the leaders of the four clans think differently. Battle breaks out and because of Firestar’s wits he is able to help him in the fight.


My opinion is this book is action packed but has sad deaths. This book is good for some fifth graders, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders also. This book is great and will always keep on the edge of your seat.