Holy Enchilada

By Henry Wrinkler

Reviewed By CobyD.


This is a book about Hank Zipzer. He has a kid named Yoshi [from Japan] sleep over his house for 2 days! Thatís because Hanks school has a thing they do. Itís a big buffet that has different foods from different countries. But the people who bring them are the students from those countries. This book is about how Hank prepares for Yoshi coming and how Hank thinks that Yoshi is a gentleman. But it turns out Yoshi isnít. Find out what happens as you read this hilarious.


††††††††† But enough about that lets get to what the bookís really about. People should love this book because itís a comedy book and who doesnít like comedy? In my opinion this book should be great for 4th,5th, and some 6th graders. If you like long 500 page action packed adventure books this is not the book for you. This book is all comedy.