Text Box:  Garfield Takes the Cake 

by Jim Davis

Reviewed by Heather D. (H2)


   When your mind is focused on Garfield it’s non stop laughter! He flies, he eats, he goes to the pound, he eats, he sleeps, he eats, he beats up Odie the dog, he eats, he ruins the house he eats, and so much more!


   You will see Garfield make some moves on the ladies. He’ll wreck the furniture too! But he’ll mess with your head most of all! There is one thing that you’ll love…”He takes the number 1 place in everyone’s heart”.


   Garfield is extremely funny.  My favorite line is,” Never eat food that is on fire.” That line is the best!


   I truly recommend this book to every one because it is funny for the whole family but it won’t scare the kids, they’ll laugh out loud! I certainly did!

So grab this book, and read it to every one, tell people about it, and laugh for ever!