Juicy secrets

(Book # 3 of Confessions of teen nanny series)

By: Victoria Ashton


Reviewed by Samantha Eberl


In the series Confessions of a teen nanny there are three books about two best friends. One of them is Liz.  She is a nanny for a rich crazy psychiatrist that has two children named Heather and David. The other one is Adrienne Lewis. The Warners live in the apartment that Liz works in. They need a nanny for their amazingly smart daughter Emma. She has a step sister named Cameron. She always gets into trouble and wants to be The Debutant of the Year, but one of her friends Mimi wins instead. The setting is New York City in a beautiful apartment. The main characters are Liz, Adriane, Graydon, and Cam. The problem in this story is that Cam and Gray are trying to make Princess Mimi look bad.


      This book starts out with Cam planning to get her brother Garydon to help her make a fool of Mimi. Graydon is going out with Adriane and she really likes him, but can the biggest “player” in New York City be trusted. Emma loves the show CSI and is starting to record things she is not supposed to hear. She has a tape of Cameron and Graydon talking about their plan to get Mimi kicked off the Deb of the Year and how Adrienne is all a part of the plan with her going out with Gray. See what happens when Emma shows Adrienne the tapes!


In my opinion this book is an amazing book filled with drama. I recommend this book for 7-12 grade girls because they can all relate to what happens and the situations that the characters get int. This book is so good that when its time to stop reading you can’t wait to get home and start reading again. There are 3 books for this series and they are all so good. I emailed the author to see if she is going to make another book. The series is a great line of books to read for girls.