Click for more information on this titleHidden Talents

By David Lubar


Reviewed by Caroline F.



          How would you like to become friends with guys named Torchie, Flinch, Cheater, Trash and Lucky?  How about being worst enemies with a bully called Bloodbath?  Having Mr. Briggs as a science teacher might be cool, but having crazy Ms. Nomad for English is like having a rooster waking you up at four o’clock in the morning.  Along with that there is Mr. Parson for math, Mr. Acropolis for gym and Mr. Crenshaw for history.  Oh yeah when you get to geography you will have Mr. Langhorn up your throat.  But then Martin figures out his friends have phycic powers.  Can they prevent the school from closing down using their powers while Bloodbath is in the way?  Welcome to Edgeview Alterative School!


          This humorous book shares the journey of friendship and dealing with bullies and school.  David Lubar really knows how to keep you interested and to keep reading.  He makes sure he uses expressive words and adds great humor.  This is my absolute favorite book.  Read this book!!