My Life as a Human Hairball

By Bill Myers

Reviewed by Allie .H.


This selection has three main characters Opera, Wally, and Wall Street. The main setting is a science lab. The whole class goes to the science lab and the tour guy lets the kids see a submarine so they could learn. The class goes to a science movie except for Wall Street and Wally. Instead they went where no other kid could. They went into the submarine. By accident Wally made the submarine small so they made themselves small too. Then Wally takes out his laptop and starts writing about mirror man and how the whole world would come to an end, and that is when Opera sees them. Wally and Wall Street end up in the human body and at one point nearly dissolved.     


I liked this book because of the adventure. 5th and 6th graders will love it and maybe even 7th graders.