by Douglas Evans


reviewed by Thomas I.


                                          The story titled MVP is a very adventurous book. Main               

                                    character, Adam Story, is a shy and lonely 12 year old   

                                    kid. After school, a creepy man walks up to Adam and

                                    tells him if he can travel across the world in 40 days he

                                    will win $4,000,000.00. After thinking, Adam agrees to the deal and the weird man reveals his name and more information. Adam finds out from the prince that MVP stands for Magellan Voyage Project. Adam starts off his long journey in San Francisco, California. He thinks this trip will be easy because MVP is supplying everything and scheduling everything for him. He decides to take a non-scheduled train because he thinks it would be faster. In Chicago, Adam discovers a girl named Meredith. She reveals to Adam that she is another player. Adam is then very confused. Meredith tells Adam all the facts about The GGG (Great Global Game). She tells him that there are 24 teams, all the rules, and that you can be tracked down and capture by team trackers. Adam is suspecting that MVP doesn’t want him to know anything. He is scared and off schedule so, how is he going to win?


      I loved this action packed story. I recommend this book for 5th and 6th grade kids because you could relate how Adam Story is feeling throughout the story. I enjoyed reading MVP because I loved to travel, but Adam takes it to the next level trying to race around the whole world. The story describes many beautiful sights like the Eifel Tower and the streets of Paris. I felt scared when Adam got thrown into a Detention Center. How Adam broke his way out amazed me. MVP is the best book I have ever read.