Bread and Roses, Too

By: Katherine Patterson


                                                          Reviewed By: Jessica .k


Click for more information on this titleThis book takes place in 1912.  This selection has two main Character, Jake Beal and “Shoe Girl”.  That is what Jake calls her at first when he does not know her or her real name.  You will find her name later in the book. 


Jake Beal also works at the mills but he is only a year older than “Shoe Girl”.

His mother died, so he lives in a shack with his alcoholic father.  His father always beats him up and steals his pay- I think that’s just cruel.  Normally to avoid that, he sleeps in trash heaps on the street. Jake does that on purpose to be FAR away from his father.


“Shoe Girl” has a Mother, a sister and a baby brother, but her father had died in an accident in the mills.  Also they Board another family for extra money.  The Grandmother of that family watches her baby brother.


          This book is defiantly something 5-8 graders would like.  Be ready for something you NEVER thought could happen in this book.  It might look girly, but trust me it really isn’t girly at all.  I thought this book was sort of funny and sad.  If you select this book I hope you like it as much as I did.