Wayside School 
Gets a Little Stranger


            By, Louis Sachar

Click for more information on this title                           Reviewed by: Teddy K.


Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger is the sequel to the first book. It is hilarious. When the kids come back to school at wayside and Mrs.Jewls, their teacher is pregnant they get a bunch of wacky substitutes. The first one has a three nostril that sucks up peoples voices. You should find out how they stop him! Next they get a strict substitute who they thought was fine until she ruined recess by making Louis the school yard teacher. Louis created a bunch of ridiculous rules. Finally the last sub has a 3rd ear that hears people’s thoughts so she can make them feel sad like she does. When Mrs.Jewls comes back with the baby you should read about what the substitute teacher with the three ears tries to do.


I think that this book was a great read that was hilarious for all ages and you should take it out sometime!