Text Box:  Great Teams in Baseball History

by Hanna Altergott   


Reviewed by Taylor K. (H2)


       This book has six baseball teams, the Cubs, the Yankees, the Reds, the Dodgers, the Athletics, and the Red Sox. This book talks about how each player did throughout the years from 1907-2004. If you look at the stats, you can compare how many home runs a player has made, how many RBI (runs batted in) he has made, and many other stats.


       The Yankees are my favorite team. The most famous Yankee player is Babe Ruth who was traded by the Red Sox in 1920. Babe Ruth held a record of 60 home runs in one season, and 714 in his career. Roger Maris from the Yankees beat Babe’s record in 1961 with 61 home runs in one season against the Red Sox. That was a big day for many fans.


       This book is a great book for many kids who like baseball.