MVP* : *Magellan Voyage Project

By Douglas Evans

Reviewed by Brian M.



The story MVP is an adventurous story. The main character is Adam Story. He is a 12 year old kid that is brave and likes adventurous things. One day after school, in San Francisco, a weird man walked up to Adam. The manís name is Prince and he offers a big challenge for Adam. The challenge is to get around the world in 40 days or less without flying. He says that he will be famous and rich and have tons of fans. Adam likes the idea but he is supposed to be going to camps throughout the summer. If he wants to take the offer he has to hide it from his mother and make up letters to make her think he is at summer camp. Everything is already scheduled for Adam. Adam is supposed to follow the schedule exactly how it reads. He takes the challenge and starts on a bus to Nevada. He reaches Nevada and takes an un-scheduled train to Chicago. Since he isnít on the scheduled train he meets another 12 year old girl named Meredith trying to get around the world in 40 days or less without flying. They start to wonder if something is going on. Adam and Meredith finally figure out that there is a game going on. The game is called the GGG (Great Global Game). They find out that there are 24 other players in the game. Each team has a producer, pilots and a 12 year old player. Adamís team is MVP (Magellan Voyage Project). There are trackers that try to catch all 24 players. If a tracker catches a player they take them to a DC (Detention Center).

Will Adam Story be the one to make it around the Earth?????

††††††††† I think this a good action book for a 5th & 6th graders. I enjoyed reading MVP because it was an exciting book. The character liked doing things that are adventurous and the book was a big game going on and you always wanted to find out what happened next. MVP is the best book I have ever read!!