Attack of the Mart Pies

by Larrry Gonick


Reviewed by Lauren O. (H2)


FEATHER hops in line for the Grand Opening of the new Crusty Gulp donut shop. Feather is one of the main characters of this book and he loves donuts so much heíll wait in line with humans; somethig he does not approve of normally. FEATHER is one of the nine muses from Greece. He is knows a lot about plants because he is the gardening muse. When he meets a sad human named Emma at the mall she follows him home and then tells him all about her troubles. She was an orphan, lived in a foster home, her step-mother died, and she is a ranaway.


This was an exciting and emotional read. See how the muses help sort things out with her strict and aggravated step-dad. I really enjoy reading realistic fiction and seeing how a story can help people solve everydayproblems.